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Welcome to Shawn Vernon Art

I hope you enjoy my original paintings and Koi Wall Sculpture. All limited edition Giclee prints are signed and numbered. I also sell unsigned unlimited editions. If you are interested in making a purchase, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns

Some people are naturally introspective. Others have therapists. I have art. A friend of mine has a backyard that looks like a Thai jungle. She has plants with huge green elephant leaves and bamboo jetting out everywhere. There are Buddha statues and exotic potted plants with small Hindu artifacts scattered around the top soil. A broken piece of earthen clay resembling the face of Buddha at the base of one plant caught my eye. It’s facial expression was calm and content. I stared at it thinking how great it would be if I could capture what I was seeing and feeling in a watercolor. I tried a few times but I could never get it quite right. On one attempt the expression was all wrong. On another attempt the color and blending were off. So I decided to stop painting and wait until it felt right. A couple of years later I decided to give it another shot and to my extreme delight managed to capture the calm and content expression I admired so much. After some reflection I suddenly realized why it took me so long to paint that calm and content expression. My first attempts were made at a time when my life was the opposite of calm and content. Therefore my mind would not allow me to paint something I myself was not. Who needs a couch when you have a paint brush.

Paintings of Sleeping Buddha Store